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Got a book you’ve written — Looking for God-Ore

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Just a quick note regarding self-publishing. I recently ran across a blog written by a pastor (joseph elon lillie) who indicated he was in the process of self-publishing a novel of his. I’ve got eight (8) books I’ve published and Create Space (a division of will allow you to do a good job at […] View more Christian inspiration via Got a book you’ve written? — Looking for God-Ore  

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Book Review: “The Message of Spiritual Warfare” by Keith Ferdinando

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  The Message of Spiritual Warfare by Keith Ferdinando is an exploration of spiritual warfare throughout the Bible. The topic immediately conjures sensational images to mind of demons vying with pitchforks against a frightened mob. Searching the book’s title brings up all sorts of strange books on the topic promising to teach Christians the exact method for […] Read more inspirational Christian Reviews, via Book Review: “The Message of Spiritual Warfare” by Keith Ferdinando — J.W. Wartick -“Always Have a Reason”  

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