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Computers and technology

Computers and technology in an ever changing society   Society’s changes have gone way beyond what many may have thought possible generations ago. Imagine your grandparent’s shock and awe at today’s advancements.   Due to the impact of technology and computers, the face of the world has been transformed. From the Pony Express to emails, fax machines and computers, the processes of information exchange have become more and more sophisticated, simplifying the working lives of society and making it less laborious on many levels. Communication in the 1800s was a far cry from our interaction today.  Here’s a brief history...

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Excel As A Resource Management Tool

Computers and technology Resource Management

Should I Use Excel As A Resource Management Tool TeachExcel Consolidate data in Excel multiple duplicate values in the same Excel Spreadsheet     Excel is one of the most popular tools for managing resources. In terms of entering data about where your resources are, what projects they’re currently working on and what availability they have, Excel offers the basic functionality you need, but if you want to manage your people and their time, the software can be limiting to some project managers.   So, what are the limitations of Excel?   1. It is not specialized Excels’ strength is...

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T.V And Technology Money Savers

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 In June of 2014, the United States Supreme Court effectively drove a stake through the heart of Aereo, a company that allowed users to stream network television over the Internet. Aereo also functions as a DVR service, letting its customers watch local programming they had recorded and stored on the company’s cloud-based servers. Aereo’s CEO has pledged to keep the the company going, but the demise of its current service is all but assured. Broadcasters didn’t like Aereo, which charges customers a $8 monthly fee, because the New York-based, Barry Diller-backed startup consciously avoided paying them the billions of dollars...

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