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Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

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Student loan debt forgiveness - Really a good idea? Think about what’s in your best interest.     Learn Liberty Student loans are difficult to repay in a sluggish economy, and many recent graduates are struggling under considerable debt. One proposal is forgiving student loans, but Prof. Daniel Lin argues that debt forgiveness does not resolve the underlying causes of rising student debt, and therefore cannot prevent future debt problems. Instead of debt forgiveness, Prof. Lin suggests making student loans like other types of loans: dischargeable in bankruptcy. This places the burden on lenders to ensure that students are not taking...

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Assumption of debt

Banking Debt Forgiveness Get Ready For The ReG

Freeman Legal Services and WeRe Bank Merger – It’s official. Assumption of debt Debt Forgiveness Globally!    Peter Of England WeRe Bank – The Road Ahead – Get Ready for ReG 2015!    Peter OfEngland  WeRe Banks foundation of the Planetary ReServe Currency - the gold backed Re called ReG to sit alongside it's sister the Time based ReTFreeman Legal Services Peter of England - Facebook:Freeman Legal Services International - Blog  

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Is SBA debt forgiveness taxable?

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This article is for general information and should not be construed as tax advice.  Readers are strongly encouraged to consult their tax adviser regarding their individual tax situation. Is SBA debt forgiveness taxable? There is no doubt about it: the negotiation of a settlement of SBA loan can be challenging. These days, lenders are so overwhelmed due loans that it may take an act of Congress to get them to even return your phone call. Then, when they do return your call, you are asked to complete a series of costly and confusing forms. Once you return this information, it is...

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