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Survival Cordage

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Fat Guys in the Woods – Season 2: DIY Survival Cordage     2 Liter Bottle + Sapling Stump + Knife = Survival Cordage Posted by Fat Guys in the Woods on Friday, July 10, 2015  Source Attribution: Creek Stewart  The Weather Channel The post Survival Cordage appeared first on, now Money Solutions Online.

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Create an EBook in Just 2 Minutes

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A book is the best way to share a story, brand or business and the most efficient option for selling your ideas online. Learn how to create your own ebook, not complicated and can be done in literally 2 minutes.       How To Create An Ebook in 2 Minutes Designrr

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T.V And Technology Money Savers

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 In June of 2014, the United States Supreme Court effectively drove a stake through the heart of Aereo, a company that allowed users to stream network television over the Internet. Aereo also functions as a DVR service, letting its customers watch local programming they had recorded and stored on the company’s cloud-based servers. Aereo’s CEO has pledged to keep the the company going, but the demise of its current service is all but assured. Broadcasters didn’t like Aereo, which charges customers a $8 monthly fee, because the New York-based, Barry Diller-backed startup consciously avoided paying them the billions of dollars...

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