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Expression kills the Fear. Being an adult isn’t what makes me struggle with tithing. Being an adult with responsibilities is where the pull began. My parents taught me about the importance and obedience in tithing that led to blessings when I obtained my first job. I had no hesitation because as a young Christian I […] View more inspirational Christian posts via Currency  — blkink2  

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THE TITHE (guest post)

Christian Financial Perspective Church and Ministry Tithes

  Every believer will surely want to please God and live in His entire promise fulfillment. Some of us are praying, fasting, and serving God with hope will be blessed. It’s not wrong because God promise and longs to bless His children. But on the other hand there are certain things that we “should do first” […] via THE TITHE (guest post) — Karina’s Thought  

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