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Debt Consolidation Advice

Christian Financial Perspective Debt Consolidation Financial Help Videos The Dave Ramsey Show

Should you consider ridding yourself of Debt with Consolidation? Learn to budget, beat debt, and build a legacy with sound Debt Consolidation Advice. Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest videos: The Dave Ramsey Show Visit Dave Ramsey’s Official Online Store today.  

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Tips To Solve Debt Problems

Book Reviews Bryan Tracy Financial Help Videos Inspiration

Here are some tips from one of the best, Brian Tracy, to help you get started - Tips to solve debt problems Brian Tracy’s Book Review: Debt Free For Life Brian Tracy For more tips on financial success visit my blog.   Visit my channel to view more videos on personal and career advice. Website Shop

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Obadiah It Is Only 21 Verses

Biblical Scripture God Inspiration Jesus

Upon Mount Zion, Israel’s Final Triumph The final five verses have some symbolism, actually a fair amount of symbolism. Verse 17 starts with this words of hope when it says: “But on Mount Zion!” For all the evil that has taken place against God’s people, by those calling themselves wheat yet are really tares, come […] View more beautiful Christian inspiration via Obadiah It Is Only 21 Verses — The Bible In Your Hand  

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The Power Of Prayer

Jesus Music Videos Prayer

Praying through your pain can be so hard to do, but absolutely worth it! Life sometimes has a way of knocking us off our feet. The Lord is a powerful friend in our time of need. While we’re already down, literally on our knees, why not take time out; talk to God and ask Him to help us during our struggle. It is comforting to know that during such a tragic time, when life has left us feeling so helpless and alone, that the good Lord is there to encompass us in His comforting embrace. It is important for you...

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Pay Off Debt

Christian Financial Perspective Debt Debt Elimination Options Financial Help Videos The Dave Ramsey Show

Pay Off Debt The Dave Ramsey Show   Finally, A Day  for Paying off debt Today I paid my debt to my roommate Kevin, following Dave Ramsey’s advice, now onto next year’s debt resolutions! Big Board Of Debt We paid our last credit card!   On May 1, 2011, my wife and I paid our last credit card. It took us 17 months to knock over 000 credit card debt we have accumulated over the past years.  We could pay off sooner, but we had a vacation in Hawaii (air fair and hotel) for our 20th wedding anniversary and spent...

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