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The foundation of personal money management from a Christian financial perspective, is that God is in control. He is more interested in each individual than in any failure or success in the economic system.

God is interested in how you glorify him wherever you live and under whatever system.  When obtaining a grasp on your finances, it is important to implement a Christian Financial Perspective.

As a Christian, you have been called to a unique role in an uncertain economy. Following the crash of every type of investment (collectibles, gold, oil, stock market, and real estate), even Christians may ask: "Will I ever have enough?"; "If I have enough now, will it be enough at retirement?"; or "How much is enough?" Christians must ask,  "What is the appropriate lifestyle for me as a believer?

Christian teachings regarding lifestyle run the gamut of extremes. Some believers live in a communal environment in which all material possessions are shared. Others adhere to the "positive confession" approach in which believers may claim what is due them as children of the King.

Both approaches (and all the ones in between) are attempts to discover God’s views on how to handle money. Neither poverty nor luxury can be described as a Christian lifestyle since God has entrusted each person with different resources.

The one noteworthy attribute of a Christian is the absence of anxiety over the acquiring and loss of things, even when God doesn't answer prayer for  something. Christians are not possessed by temporal acquisitions, for their treasure is laid up in heaven (Matt. 6:20-21).


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