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College graduates – Many of them and a lot of debt… Search jobs in Tallahassee

College Graduates in Debt - Money Solutions Online


She tried to get a job since the start of the fall semester, and continue to be amazed how difficult it was to find part-time or temporary employment in Tallahassee for a college student, particularly on campus.

Thinking that with the many buildings and facilities that need people to operate and the number of students who transfer, study abroad or graduate each year that finding a temporary job would be as easy as going to the supermarket and picking one off the shelf. But this is not the case.

There are many college graduates and a lot of debt. Searching for jobs in Tallahassee seems to have been proven to be quite the  burden. Students are having trouble finding work in a market with too few employers and stiff competition for jobs.

One of the things students are concerned after obtaining get a good job that pays a lot of money. The other thing that concerned them pay off their student debt. According to the College Board in 2010, “the average student has accumulated about 30,000 in student loan debt by graduation day.”

It’s not a fun fact, but in the current state of the economy by about 60% of graduates aged 21 to 29 live with their parents and many of them are unemployed or minimum wage jobs to travail.

Allison Percival graduated from SFA in May. Since graduating, she worked full-time employment at least her mother helped her get salary. It has sent more than 200 job applications, and understood his chances were pretty good for getting a good job related to his field. Percival had an internship under her belt, had worked her entire academic career, and she had her degree which really cost her.

Higher education – Remember, your first step into the real world is only a resume away. Good Luck!

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