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Do you know anyone who is wondering about life's meaning or whether there is a God? Help them find the answer. Use our gospel videos and tracts to help share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. It’s easy. You can share them online through social media or email, or download and print these gospel tracts to give away.

Gospel Tracts


An Unknown God

Seeing their altar to an unknown God, Paul told the ancient Athenians that God did not have to remain unknown to them. The same is true for us today. God wants to be known by us.

Freed From the Fear of Death

Without exception, everyone is subject to death, and the Bible tells us that all our life we are held in slavery because of the fear of death. How can we be freed from this fear?

Is Jesus in Your Boat?

Life is full of all kinds of troubles, and sometimes we feel we’re being tossed about in a stormy sea. How can we find peace?

Lost and Found

Based on the parable of the prodigal son, this tract shows how the loving God longs for people, regardless of their condition, to return to Him.

The Big Question

Have you ever asked, “What is the meaning of my life?” In the midst of an active and busy college life, this big question demands an answer.

The Healing Touch

When Jesus Christ lived on the earth, many people knew about Him and even joined the crowds around Him. So how did one ill woman stand out from the crowd?

The Third Part

Have you ever felt unsatisfied, let down, or even empty after you got what you thought would make you happy? You’re not alone.

The Word of the Cross

The word concerning Jesus Christ and His crucifixion can either be foolishness to us, or it can be the power of God to save us.

No Longer Enemies

Everyone has at some time committed a sin, and sin creates conflict with God and a lack of peace. What can resolve this conflict?

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