Got Out Of Debt – Day 167 Plasma TV obtained

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Succeed by eliminating debt. Got Out Of Debt – Day 167 Plasma TV obtained

Day 167 – Yay!

“Got Out Of Debt?”  That’s what we did and this past weekend. We celebrated by adding this beautiful 42 “HDTV and Playstation 3!  Yes, we surrendered to our selfish sides and decided to enter the world of HD with a 0 on the selling price and 36 months with no interest.

The pixelation on this thing is phenomenal, even though it does not really show in the photo.  We bought the PS3 only because of the new Formula 1 Championship game that was recently released.

Being big fans of F1, we missed this game since before it was released when we were teased with some screenshots and a video demonstration. Not that I’m good at video games….lol, in fact I stink, but it’s fun to watch others race.

 Photo by Andres Jasso on Unsplash

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