Ireland Recession

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Ireland Recession - Ireland Says No To Bank Debt

Marcus Howard


Edited by Marcus Howard.

For over 110 weeks one tiny village in Ireland has marched every week in protest of the bank debt that the people of Ireland has to pay. The village of Ballyhea have began a campaign called “Ireland says NO! to bank debt”.

They have received interational media coverage yet very little national media coverage. They have been to Brussels to meet Sharon Bowles, one of the top ten most influential regulators in the European Union, who has expressed concern about the ECB and they have also been to Frankfurt and Dublin to voice their concerns.

I went down to visit them on the 31st March where I conducted a series of interviews. There will be another “talking head” documentary going up about them in the future as I amassed so much footage on the day I was there. In the meantime, please watch and share this.

This is their story and it deserves to be told. This video has no allegiance to any political party in Ireland but rather it’s intention is to educate about some of the main issues regarding the recession in Ireland.

To the best of my ability, all videos used have been referenced in the credits at the end of this video Creative Commons license: Public Domain I do not claim to own any of this footage or to profit from it. This video is to be used for educational discussion. This video can be shared but must be shown in it’s entirety.

Please share and help get the message out if you agree with some of the arguments discussed as they are not getting much help from the mainstream Irish media about this.

The original video footage is available under the Creative Commons License:Public Domain.


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  Featured Image by David Peterson

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