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If you don’t love Jesus

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In a world so confused and torn apart by sin, it is so comforting to know that the Lord can give such great comfort. Unfortunately, there are so man who are lost or who just plain won't acknowledge that Jesus is the only way to be forgiven of sin.   If you don’t love Jesus Controversial, maybe…Truthful, definitely! REST IN PEACE iHeartRadio BillyJoeShaver – Facebook boofitts   Get thee behind me satan Billy Joe Shaver YouTube Music     I Believe brandonheath Third Day   Give Me Your Eyes brandonheath

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Duck Dynasty Politics And Health Care

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Duck Dynasty Politics And Health Care - Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Addresses Republican Leadership Conference Video Source Attribution:   Republican Leadership Conference     Whatever our “faith” may be, we must admit that it  takes amazing courage to stand up for what or “who”  we believe in, especially in a world, a family, a relationship, or a job that is crumbling before our eyes. We all at some time have looked for something or someone to fill that emptiness that we seek.  The next time you’ve fallen down to your knees, ask JESUS to reach down and lift you up. Lets not fault...

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Testimony from Jim Caviezel

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Testimony Such a beautiful message of how faith gives us strength, how the Lord's love endures and His promises are true.   rebelvjedi View more about Jim Caviezel here on IMDb

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Thank You Lord

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 Thank You Lord Special Thanks To Don Moen Subscribe to Money Solutions YouTube Channel  

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Blessed Assurance In Salvation

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 How To Have Blessed Assurance In Salvation Take the world - Give me Jesus     Don’t continue to live with doubts about your eternal salvation. Rather, live with the blessed assurance God wants you to enjoy as His child.   Do Know If You’re Saved?   How can I come to full assurance that I have such a relationship? By affirming the promises of God as revealed in Scripture by the internal witness of the Spirit, and by manifesting real and righteous fruit born out of love for the Person of Christ and the desire to bring Him honor...

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