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Is there any validity to the Zeitgeist movie

Battle between good and evil Global Economic Changes NWO

Zeitgeist Attacking The Christian Faith Available for viewing on the Web –, it is essentially a baseless conspiracy theory focused on attacking the Christian faith and the government of the United States. What is interesting, though, is that while nearly all the assertions put forth in the movie are completely wrong, the end fear promoted by the movie is correct and backed by Scripture (twisted on one’s view of biblical eschatology). The purpose of this article is to address the first conspiracy theory (out of four) put forth in the movie—that Jesus is a mythological amalgamation of various pagan...

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US Debt Crisis Fully Explained

Global Economic Changes US Debt

Debt Crisis we ask. Here is a more informative explanation of debt on a national level - US Debt Crisis Fully Explained       CGP Grey     The post US Debt Crisis Fully Explained appeared first on Money Solutions Online.

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