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Lying To Get Ahead

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    Lying to Get Ahead from Trevor Green on Vimeo. By Kayla Lokeinsky | Cooper City High School What happens on Facebook may not necessarily stay on Facebook. William Schmidt built a business based on lies, literally. Making a profit from creating fake professional personas, Schmidt’s is a site that prides itself on being a place where you can change your professional credentials with the click of a button. “It’s unfortunate that sites like exist,” said Susan Murphy, president of human resources at Leadership Collaborations, a New Hampshire-based human resource company. “They’re creating an environment of distrust.”...

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Inspirational Scriptures For Times of Discouragement

Biblical Scripture Inspiration Motivational Videos


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Duck Dynasty Politics And Health Care

America's Political Christian Music Videos Duck Dynasty Motivational Videos

Duck Dynasty Politics And Health Care - Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Addresses Republican Leadership Conference Video Source Attribution:   Republican Leadership Conference     Whatever our “faith” may be, we must admit that it  takes amazing courage to stand up for what or “who”  we believe in, especially in a world, a family, a relationship, or a job that is crumbling before our eyes. We all at some time have looked for something or someone to fill that emptiness that we seek.  The next time you’ve fallen down to your knees, ask JESUS to reach down and lift you up. Lets not fault...

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Credit Card Debt Assistance to the Rescue

Credit Card Debt Motivational Videos

Business Debt Help - Credit Card Debt Assistance to the Rescue   Climbing Out Of Debt Is A Choice  Small Business Credit   Whether You Think You Can, Or You Can’t, You’re Right Source Attribution: Mateusz M   If you are being harassed by debt collectors and you use a credit card to pay another, you may want to consider a debt card company credit assistance for help. There are many of these companies on the Internet. These companies are committed to reduce your overall debt. They will work with your creditors to reduce the interest you pay. And they will help you...

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Empower Yourself

Entrepreneurial Spirit Motivational Videos

Empower Yourself is an wonderful video for anyone, especially those working toward a goal in business.   Do you want a better future? Zig shares what individuals want and need out of life. This video is from the podcast Inspiring Words of Encouragement. These Zig Ziglar inspirations are sure to get you motivated! "Evaluate Where You Are" - So Inspirational.   MITMillionaires TV     Phillipe Matthews interview with Zig Ziglar concerning faith   Zig Ziglar Tells Philippe Matthews About Faith, Failure and Coming Out of The Closet  (Not In The Way That You Might Think) Source Attribution: Philippe SHOCK...

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