Thanks To The Working Man

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Thanks To the Working Man

Thanks to the Working Man


This country is held together by the strength and endurance of goal oriented, tenacious people, who strive daily to care for their families and friends.  It's not enough that they care for them, but always reach out a little farther to those in need.

This post is dedicated to my children, who have not only brought joy to my life, but have also touched the hearts and lives of others. Thank you for being who you are!! The world is such a wonderfully blessed place with you in it.  

This is a poem dedicated to to all the hard working men and women! 

He wakes at the break of dawn, often so tired he can barely rise.  He gets his coffee, gives a big yawn, as he rubs the sleep from his eyes.  He knows it's a long day, of hard work without play; nothing new to the working man, it's true.  For he's been there awhile, always gives people a smile, never letting his weariness show through.
Sometimes working two shifts, for his life's greatest gifts who he joyfully goes home to each night!  Although his body hurts, he knows he must go, trudge on and keep up the fight!  He is the breadwinner, the husband, the daddy, the son, the friend with a shoulder who cares. He's a hard working man, he's a child of the Lord and the son of a Mom whose heart he shares! © Love, Mama, L Kay Elliott

Father in Heaven, You know that this world can be a hard row to hoe, especially considering current events. Lord, we ask that You protect our sons, daughters, family & all hard working men and women out there who strive each day to make a living and make a difference! Lord, please guide and bless them as they walk in Your way!

We ask our Father God to help all who are seeking employment, who struggle each day to feed their families and Lord we ask for Your mighty hand to move over their homes and finances, in Jesus' mighty name, Amen

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