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Do you want to reduce your debt? Before you enroll in any debt service advice, you’ll want to know what debt counselors are and what they do.

Before I explain, consider the following and see if this applies to you:

  • Your credit card bills are overflowing and your payments are late or unfulfilled.
  • You are receiving threatening calls and letters from collection agencies.

You are merely existing and can not get your debts under control If the above sounds like your situation, you should really talk to a debt counselor. It may seem hard to trust someone else to manage your finances, but there are specialists who are trained to do. Take a closer look at what the debt counselors.

Do not be fooled into thinking that a debt counselor will make your financial problems disappear – this is not the case. Their job is to take an overview of your finances with your income and help you find a way to manage them better. They also make recommendations to consolidate, renegotiate or settle your debts so that your monthly payments can be much lower than what you pay now.


Debt counselors  will act as a go-between with you and your creditors. They will work to negotiate your rates and high rate balances and amounts you can manage more easily manageable.

They can do simple things like negotiate to get your late fees eliminated or  get your balances reduced up to 60%. Most of the time, they will be able to reduce your monthly payments and create a plan for you to be debt free in just 12-36 months.

Debt advisers usually work with you to pay bills such as personal loans, credit cards, medical bills, and even utility bills. Now you may be wondering how to pay debt counselors ask.

They receive their payment with the money they save you. There is a small cost attached to the assistance of a professional, but many times they roll in your debt reduction plan so that you do not have to go out of your pocket.

Remember, the reward is at the end when you’re on the right track with your finances. The best way to start the process is online here. These are  reputable sites that can connect you with a qualified professional debt counselor. Take charge immediately. You have the tools to do so.

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