Credit Card Debt Collectors

Credit Card Debt Collectors

How Do I Erase Credit Card Debt?






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30 thoughts on “Credit Card Debt Collectors

  1. Dont be an idiot and get them anyway lol. Stupid people taking out debt and defaulting on things they cant afford is what kills economies.

  2. It’s a shame one must go this path of non payment just because banks are assholes who can’t accept a sensible payment plan, it’s not that I refuse to pay my debt. it is the fact that I can’t pay all that money they require in an abusive and extorsive way, f’em I say… accept the payments the way I know I can pay or FU.

  3. Or for a really groundbreaking solution to credit card debt, try living within your means and not wanting things you dont have the means to pay for. People who default on debt make the banks more cautious, and subsequently prevents the banks lending to small business, thus stifling the economy.This is why the world economies are stagnant.

  4. The video is informative, however, I’ve heard many stories about debt collectors going straight to the courts for a judgment. Once they’re awarded their judgment against you, they would now seemingly have their hand in your back pocket awaiting the moment you get a paycheck or any other inflow of money that they can get their hands on. I’ve heard tales of collectors taking people to court over $800 credit card bills and then tacking on a few hundred in their own legal fees.

  5. If one have a fairly recent debt which collectors have just begun to start hounding you for, has it already affected their credit score, or does that take time. I’m confused about this.