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Survival Compass Wristwatch
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This uniquely designed Survival Compass Wristwatch helps keep you on track while venturing through the woods, mountain trails, water or any other outdoor travel location. 

It's sturdy, waterproof, shock resistant design holds up in even poorest conditions. The integrated high-powered magnet ensures accurate, quick-reacting reading.

Large display ensures easy view at a glance. Great for use when camping, boating, hiking and other outdoor adventures.

High quality, easy and convenient quick access navigation for use during any outdoor pursuits.

The high-powered magnet in the compass helps it find north quickly, making sure you find the right direction quickly.

The compass comes with a black strap for wearing on your wrist, keeping the compass hands free and easy to use.

  • Material: ABS shell, rubber strap
  • Color: Black
  • Dial Display: Pointer
  • Size: 9.9 inches (with strap) Width 0.8 in ( nearly 1 inch)